Granny’s Original Swedish Massage


History of Granny’s Original Swedish massage

The year was 1776 – the same year the United States declared Independence – it was the year Per Henrik Ling was born in Sweden. As a young man “Ling” met a Chinese kung fu friend named “Ming”. Mr. Ling and Mr. Ming became fast friends and shared their common interests in sword fencing, physical exercise and massage. Eventually Mr. Ling and Mr. Ming went their separate ways. We don’t know what happened to Mr. Ming… but Per Hendrik Ling taught fencing and developed what became known as Swedish massage and medical gymnastics. The rest is history… But now fast forward to 1938 - Dr. Andrews’ paternal grandmother, “Granny” enrolls in a correspondence massage course offered by the Chicago School of Massage. Granny studied her lessons well and used massage to help her family and friends. She eventually gave her course materials to her daughter (Aunt Ruth Dana) who passed them on to us. The Andrews family is proud to continue this legacy by offering Granny’s Original Swedish Massage to you. We invite you to discover for yourself the relaxing and health restoring benefits that only Granny’s Original Swedish massage can provide. We want you to enjoy the best, the original Swedish massage… the same massage Granny used to help her own family and friends…Give us a call to schedule Granny’s Original Swedish massage today. You’ll be glad you did!

Did I mention; the Value Massage – either Okazaki’s Elbow Method or Granny’s Original Swedish – is only $39?


Pehr Henrik Ling