About Us

The Napa Valley School of Massage’s Value Massage offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy a one-hour, health restoring massage at a Napa Value Massage price.

Our goal is to provide you and with quality massage therapy at a fraction of the cost of Napa Valley hotel spas. That is why we call it the Napa Value Massage. Our massage school director (and Napa Valley doctor), Dr. Daniel E. Andrews III wants you to benefit from the same therapeutic massage that his patients at the Heart and Health Center enjoy. http://theheartandhealthcenter.com/

But you don’t have to be sick or injured to take advantage of a Napa Value Massage – in fact having a regular massage will help to keep you healthy and fit.

With the Napa Value Massage, you have your choice of either a Swedish massage as practiced by Dr. Andrews’ paternal grandmother, Granny or Okazaki’s Famous Elbow method as developed by famed Hawaiian jiu jitsu teacher, Professor Henry Okazaki. The Swedish massage is done primarily with the hands while Okazaki’s massage is deeper and done mostly with the therapist’s elbows. Either way, you can enjoy an outstanding, health restoring massage at a Value Massage price.

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Okazaki’s Famous Elbow Method

Professor Okazaki became both a jiu jitsu teacher and an expert massage therapist. In 1930 he opened his jiu jitsu school and the Nikko Sanatorium of Restoration Massage in Honolulu. His fame spread throughout Hawaii and around the world. Now you too can enjoy Okazaki’s Famous Elbow Method offered exclusively at the Napa Valley School of Massage.


Granny’s Swedish Massage

The Andrews family is proud to continue this legacy by offering Granny’s Original Swedish Massage to you. We invite you to discover for yourself the relaxing and health restoring benefits that only Granny’s Original Swedish massage can provide. We want you to enjoy the best, the original Swedish massage… the same massage Granny used to help her own family and friends.


Quality + Value

With us you will always receive excellent service and the highest quality massage. All of this at an incredible value. You can be assured that you will enjoy the health restoring benefits of a skillfully done massage at a very affordable price.